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BLUUURGH (Nl) – Suffer Within, 25 Years Of Suffering CD


BLUUURGH (Nl) – Suffer Within, 25 Years Of Suffering CD

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The value of this album lies within the fact that this was one of the first extreme metal bands to come from Holland. It sounded extreme and original in the late 80’s / early 90’s and it actually still does. Of course the music cannot be compared with modern extremities, but as soon as you hear the over the top and highly recognizable vocals of Jason Kohnen (currently known as BONG RA) you can understand just what kind of impact that must’ve had back then. The album contains the band one and only full length album IN MY EMBRACE as well as the SUFFER WITHIN EP. If you listen closely you can actually hear the “crackle” of the vinyl of the EP.

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Death Metal