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BLACKDEATH (Rus) – ‘Phantasmhassgorie’ CD Digipack


BLACKDEATH (Rus) – ‘Phantasmhassgorie’ CD Digipack

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A black metal band called Blackdeath with a logotype created with a gothic font may seem a generic one at first glance. But making that assumption about them is the worst thing one could do, as there’s actually nothing generic about them. It’s a Russian band with lyrics in German, that consists of two brothers and a female drummer. The band has been around (under this name) since 1998, but still seems overlooked, despite playing with some really big outfits in the genre, such as Inquisition or Archgoat. In 2019 they released their ninth full-length album Phantasmhassgorie, which is, as its complicated title might suggest, a conceptual album around hate (ger. Hass). And on such a horrifying concept, the Russians wrote a lot of terrifying music, that contains everything that’s the best in black metal.’

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