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BLACK WITCHERY (USA) – ‘Inferno Of Sacred Destruction’ LP (Galaxy vinyl)


BLACK WITCHERY (USA) – ‘Inferno Of Sacred Destruction’ LP (Galaxy vinyl)

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BLACK WITCHERY return to claim their crown as the unrivalled masters of unrepentantly barbaric blackdeath with “Inferno of Sacred Destruction.” More caustic, close-minded, and crushing than ever, this unholy black/death speed trinity create an unholy conflagration guaranteed to devour and destroy even the most battle-hardened underground warrior – witness the “Inferno of Sacred Destruction”! Recommended for maniacs of BLASPHEMY, ARCHGOAT, REVENGE. Reprint, 400 ultra clear with red galaxy effect, 12″ (140g) in a black poly-lined innerbag, 20 page booklet (252x252mm) full-color on 150g art paper, jacket full-color on 350g, all assembled in a PVC overbag.

Weight 501 g

Osmose Prod.


Bestial Black / Death