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BLACK FUNERAL (US) – Scourge of Lamashtu CD


BLACK FUNERAL (US) – Scourge of Lamashtu CD

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a Black Magickial sonic invocation of the Seven Udug-hul, Vampyric Deities and Lil-demons of ancient Babylonia. May our kišpe (witchcraft) call forth acasual and abyss-dreaming powers and the pandemonium of Lamashtu, Pazuzu, Nergal, lilû, lilitu, kiskilili and vampyric demonic dead, the emmu. BLACK FUNERAL aligns in a underworldly wave of cacophonic disharmony uniting cold black metal with dark ambient soundscapes composed from sounds of desert winds, sands, wilderness, mountains, storms, owls, wolves, and ravens to authentically represent the demons, deities, and ghostly dead within this album.

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Iron Bonehead Prod.


Black Metal