BEGRIME EXEMIOUS (Can) – ‘Rotting in the Aftermath’ LP


BEGRIME EXEMIOUS (Can) – ‘Rotting in the Aftermath’ LP

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“Following the release of ‘The Enslavement Conquest’ in 2016, we started to write music for its follow up. We took our time over the next couple years writing the songs, as we were still supporting the last album on the road with tours across the US and Canada,” reveals vocalist/guitarist Derek Orthner. “Naturally, the new songs made their way into our set lists, and by 2018, we attempted to record. This session was aborted in favor of further refinement, as we felt these songs could benefit from faster tempos and even lower tunings in some cases. Finally, in 2019, we recorded the nine tracks of what would become our fourth full length, ‘Rotting in the Aftermath’. We pushed ourselves deeper into the realms of death metal, and as such, we feel that ‘Rotting in the Aftermath’ is the best representation of what Begrime Exemious is all about. It was truly forged on the road, and takes our brand of filth to the next level of apocalyptic devastation.”

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Dark Descent


Death Metal