ATRAMENT (USA) – ‘Scum Sect’ LP (Red / Black Marble)


ATRAMENT (USA) – ‘Scum Sect’ LP (Red / Black Marble)

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Nihilistic Bay Area D-Beat horde Atrament return with their gruesomely hostile sophomore full-length album, “Scum Sect”, a maelstrom of incredibly dark, negative, and hateful crust punk, driven by a barrage of crushing d-beat drumming, and laced with the deadliest strains of primal death metal and of the most cancerous raw black metal. With members of Vastum, Necrot, Mortuous, Black September, and Moral Void within its ranks, Atrament re-emerge with their most vile and malevolent music to date.

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Blood Harvest


Death / Crust