ATARAXY (Spa) – ‘The Last Mirror’ LP


ATARAXY (Spa) – ‘The Last Mirror’ LP

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Spain’s ATARAXY is perhaps one of the best kept secrets of Death Metal. Between their absolutely magnificent albums and a couple equally worthy EP’s, there is a small yet loyal following of this band who cannot be shaken. Festering in the Lovecraftian pits of doom-tinged Death Metal played with unforgettable atmospherics and high-quality songwriting (with phenomenal art and production never forgotten) there is no mistaking them. Their new offering opens with a glistening introduction of charnel hypnosis before descending into the depths once more. Once more it will be an instantaneously submerging experience for all whom dare tread their sepulchral pathway into abhorrence due to the expansive instrumental assaults that grip you with their many-tendril led approach. From discomforting vocals and eerie leads to the monstrous guitar riffs and contorted bass backed up by some truly hard-hitting drum work, everything works in unison yet slightly out of sync to bring you further into the nightmare of “The Last Mirror”.

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