ASPHYX (Nl) – ‘Live Death Doom’ D-LP Gatefold (BLACK VINYL)


ASPHYX (Nl) – ‘Live Death Doom’ D-LP Gatefold (BLACK VINYL)

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Dutch Doom Death Metal legends Asphyx are back with another extremely energetic sign of life after their bonecrushing Death…The Brutal Way album from 2009! Live Death Doom represents not only the band’s first DVD, but it is also marks Asphyx’s first-ever official live album in their 20+ years of diabolical existence. The DVD features an intense 2 + hours main live-show, an in-depth historical documentary as well as tons of crushing bonus material. The CD wasmixed by Dan Swanö (Bloodbath, Edge Of Sanity). Live Death Doom is clear evidence for Asphyx’s ongoing triumphant march and the band’s unbroken relevance amongst a new generation of Death Metal listeners and supporters. Death beyond death! Black vinyl version.

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