ARCKANUM (Swe) – ‘Antikosmos’ PicLP


ARCKANUM (Swe) – ‘Antikosmos’ PicLP

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Austere and mesmeric, ARCKANUM’s fourth full-length album is charged with dark energy and otherworldly power. A dynamic and emotive evocation, “Antikosmos” reflects Shamaatae’s worship of the anti-cosmic Old Norse religion and his workings of the dark runes. Eight complex and chaotic compositions are delivered in the archaic Runic language, a wrathful tongue which lends might and majesty to the black magical formulae. The result is a heavy and deviant brew. Channelling thursian powers, Shamaatae’s dark vision surpasses all others as he leads us through ancient woodlands, where past, present and future collide in a swarming maelstrom of anti-cosmic energies. Hail Ragna Røk!

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Black Metal