ALTARAGE (Sp) – ‘Worst Case Scenario’ D-LP Gatefold


ALTARAGE (Sp) – ‘Worst Case Scenario’ D-LP Gatefold

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If Worst Case Scenario eight tracks – including the song ‘Cataract’ already included on the EP of the same name yet here with a different mix – are once again some of the heaviest and noisiest bastard sons of the (un)holy trinity of black, death-metal and harsh noise you’ll ever hear this year, a new sense of clarity can felt through some of them. Far from away from the standard ‘metal’ production values and more akin to, say, a strung-out noise-rock band desperately looking for their next fix, instead of lessening their impact, this sonic revaluation maximizes it even more. Casewrapped gatefold w/ uv spot

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Death Metal