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AKATHARTA (USA) – ‘Spiritus Immundus’ CD


AKATHARTA (USA) – ‘Spiritus Immundus’ CD

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With its original inception founded by notorious Death Metal legend Kam Lee (ex-Mantas, ex-Massacre, ex-Denial Fiend), AKATHARTA is a terrifying underworld entity of all unclean spirits; the debut album ‘Spiritus Immundus’ brings forth a wrathful traverse into the macrocosm of the unspeakable. Densely influenced by the scathing sounds of funeral drone-like masters such as Skepticism and Thergothon, ‘Spiritus Immundus’ features actual EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) captured from all across the globe, giving the overall vibe a breath of dismal and otherworldly condemnation.

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