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AIWAZ (It) – ‘Dreams of Ancient Gods’ CD


AIWAZ (It) – ‘Dreams of Ancient Gods’ CD

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Active from the early to the mid 90’s,  Aiwaz became well known in the underground Italian death metal scene thanks to their acclaimed hit demo tape, “Promo 94”, which featured their own brand of obscure esoterical death metal in the vein of early Morbid Angel. The band split in 1995, soon after recording the more mature and musically accomplished EP “Remote Atavism”, which was then left unreleased and collecting dust in the drawer for over twenty years. ‘Dreams of Ancient Gods’ includes both recordings, restored and remastered! Don’t miss this opportunity to put your hands on this H.P.Lovecraft – inspired forgotten gem of arcane and relentless death metal.

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Despise The Sun


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