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AGRETATOR (Swe) – ‘Distorted Logic + Demos’ CD


AGRETATOR (Swe) – ‘Distorted Logic + Demos’ CD

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DARK SYMPHONIES is honored to announce our continued cooperation with pre-DARKANE Swedish death metal act AGRETATOR to reissue their long out of print sophomore release ‘Distorted Logic’. More experimental than ‘Delusions’, ‘Distorted Logic’ shows the band’s natural progression which would lead to the inception of DARKANE! Additionally, we will be including band’s 1997 ‘Infected’ Demo as well as the band’s 2 DEMISE (pre-Agretator) demos ‘Prophesy’ from 1991 and ‘Visions’ from 1992. This is a must-have to see where Darkane started out, or just for fans of Death Metal in General!

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