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AEVITERNE (USA) – ‘The Ailing Façade’ CD


AEVITERNE (USA) – ‘The Ailing Façade’ CD

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AEVITERNE formed in 2015 as a vehicle for guitarist and vocalist Garett Bussanick to continue exploring some of the musical ideas his previous band Flourishing pursued, particularly the fusion of death metal with rhythms and textures inspired by harsh post-punk and industrial music. Bussanick, Flourishing bassist Eric Rizk, and drummer Ian Jacyszyn (Miasmatic Necrosis) unveiled the Sireless EP in 2018. The years since that brief but powerful introductory statement were spent not in dormancy, but in painstaking composition and relentless experimentation in pursuit of the densely textured, multifaceted sound of The Ailing Facade, and also saw AEVITERNE’s lineup expand to include guitarist Samuel Smith (Artificial Brain, Luminous Vault).

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