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ACCIDENTAL SUICIDE (USA) – ‘Dead Erotica + demos’ CD


ACCIDENTAL SUICIDE (USA) – ‘Dead Erotica + demos’ CD

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Accidental Suicide was an old school death metal band from Wisconsin, USA formed in 1989. After their two demos ‘Sadistic Intentions’ (1989) and ‘Flesh Parade’ (1990), the band signed to UK’s Peaceville Records. Their debut album ‘Deceased’ was released on sub label Deaf Records in 1992. The album was produced, just as their second demo, by Eric Greiff (manager for Death, Obituary). In 1993 the band recorded a four track ep, Dead Erotica , that was never released. Up till now. The ep finally sees the day of light and is released with both Accidental Suicide demos.

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