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ABYTHIC (Ger) – ‘Dominion Of The Wicked’ CD


ABYTHIC (Ger) – ‘Dominion Of The Wicked’ CD

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ABYTHIC still retain that proud ‘n’ powerful class as informed by mid-period Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, Grave, and Pentacle, but with four songs spanning a stultifying 35 minutes, Dominion of the Wicked both challenges the listener and makes for masterfully atmospheric listening. In fact, those 35 minutes are so engrossing, so majestically hypnotic yet HEAVY, those minutes feel more like years, such is the time-evaporating power ABYTHIC have so studiously built these last few records. Credit due, then, to the band stripping down to a power-trio, with the emphasis clearly on POWER.

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Iron Bonehead Prod.


Death Metal