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ABSTRACTER (USA) – ‘Abominion’ CD Digisleeve


ABSTRACTER (USA) – ‘Abominion’ CD Digisleeve

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In stock
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Known for forging their imposing and ominous sound across a massive spectrum of influences that include apocalyptic and eschatological literature and fiction, Abstracter’s otherworldly and monstrous strain of apocalyptic blackened doom contains influences coming from unforgettable dark metal and punk bands like Celtic Frost and Tryptykon, Godflesh, Khanate, Corrupted, Leviathan, Swans, Sunn O))), Amebix, Blut Aus Nord, The Ruins of Beverast, Portal, Dystopia, and Disembowelment as well as from certain underground scholars of dark ambient and industrial noise that the band have meticulously distilled and reworked into their sound over the last decade to forge a completely unheard of and unclassifiable colossal aural weapon of mass extinction.

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