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AARA (Swi) – ‘Triade III: Nyx’ CD Digipack
ANARKHON (Br) – ‘Obiasot Dwybat Ptnotun’ CD Digipack
ARCHGOAT (Fin) – Worship The Eternal Darkness CD Digipack
AVERSIO HUMANITATIS – ‘Behold the Silent Dwellers’ CD Digipack
BLACK FLAME (It) – ‘Necrogenesis : Chants From The Grave’ CD Digipack
BLUT AUS NORD (Fr) – ‘Disharmonium – Nahab’ CD Digipack
CHAPEL OF SAMHAIN (Por) – ‘Black Onyx Cave’ CD
DROWNED (Ger) – ‘Procul His’ CD
EITRIN (Fr) – ‘Eitrin’ CD Digipack
ENDLESS LOSS (Au) – ‘Traversing the Mephitic Artery’ CD Digisleeve
GODKILLER (Mon) – ‘We Are The Black Knights’ CD Digipack
HANDFUL OF HATE (It) – ‘Qliphothic Supremacy’ CD Digipack
HANDFUL OF HATE (It) – ‘Hierarchy 1999’ CD Digipack
OPERA IX (It) – ‘The Gospel’ CD
PERILAXE OCCLUSION (Can) – ‘Vapor Chamber’ CD Digipack
PERISHED (Nor) – ‘Seid’ CD
PESTIFER (Por) – ‘Defeat the Nemesis’ CD Digipack
PESTILENGTH (Sp) – ‘Solar Clorex’ CD Digipack
PESTILENT HEX (Fin) – ‘The Ashen Abhorrence’ CD Digipack
POWER FROM HELL (Br) – ‘Shadows Devouring Light’ CD Digipack
SÜHNOPFER (Fr) – ‘Nous sommes d’Hier’ CD Digipack
SVARTELDER (Nor) – ‘Askebundet’ MCD
SVARTELDER (Nor) – ‘Pits’ CD Digipack
SVARTELDER (Nor) – ‘Pyres’ CD Digipack
UBUREN (Nor) – ‘Usurp the Throne’ CD Digipack
ULVEHYRDE (Nor) – ‘Englemakersken’ CD Digipack

AKHLYS (USA) – ‘Melinoe’ LP Gatefold
ANARKHON (Br) – ‘Obiasot Dwybat Ptnotun’ LP
AORATOS (USA) – ‘Gods Without Name’ LP Gatefold
BLUT AUS NORD (Fr) – ‘Disharmonium – Nahab’ LP Gatefold
DROWNED (Ger) – ‘Procul His’ LP
NIGHTBRINGER (USA) – ‘Death and the Black Work + bonus 3-LP Trifold
PESTILENGTH (Sp) – ‘Solar Clorex’ LP Gatefold
POWER FROM HELL (Br) – ‘Shadows Devouring Light’ LP Gatefold
SÜHNOPFER (Fr) – ‘Nous sommes d’Hier’ D-LP Gatefold
ULCERATE (NZ) – ‘Stare into Death and be Still’ D-LP Gatefold


ANHARAT (USA) – ‘Deathcult Resurrection’ CD
ANTHROPOPHAGUS (USA) – ‘Abuse of a Corpse’ CD
AVSKY (Swe) – ‘Sjukdom Och Dod’ MCD
CASKET (Ger) – ‘Urn’ CD
CYNOCEPHALUS (USA) – ‘Blood Ran In Torrents…’ MCD
DEMORED (Ger) – ‘Sickening Dreams’ CD
DIABOLIC OATH (USA) – ‘Profane Death Exodus’ CD Digipack
DIPYGUS (USA) – ‘Wet Market’ CD
DRAWN AND QUARTERED (USA) – ‘Mutilated Offerings’ CD
FORCE OF DARKNESS (Cl) – ‘Heritage of Dark Incantations’ CD Digipack
GROTESQUE CEREMONIUM (Tur) – ‘Sanctum Of Demonic Deviance’ CD
HERALD (Gr) – ‘Herald’ CD Digipack
INVULTATION (USA) – ‘Unconquerable Death’ CD
KHNVM – ‘Portals To Oblivion’ CD
KHNVM – ‘Visions of a Plague Ridden Sky’ CD
MORTUAL (Cr) – ‘Evil Incarnation’ MCD
NIGHTFELL (USA) – ‘Never Comes the Storm’ CD Digipack
TERMINAL CARNAGE (Ger) – ‘Feast Upon The River Styx’ CD

ANTHROPOPHAGUS (USA) – ‘Abuse of a Corpse’ TAPE
CARCINOID (Aus) – ‘Encomium to Extinction’ TAPE
DECREPITORUM (Aus) – ‘Foul Examination of Putrefied Remains’ TAPE
HEKATOXEN (Fin) – ‘Utter Darkness’ TAPE
IMPETIGO – ‘Horror Of The Zombies’ TAPE
INVULTATION (USA) – ‘Invultation’ TAPE
TEMPEST (Mex) – ‘Unending Torment’ TAPE

ANTHROPOPHAGUS (USA) – ‘Abuse of a Corpse’ LP
CASKET (Ger) – ‘Urn’ LP Gatefold
DEMORED (Ger) – ‘Sickening Dreams’ LP Gatefold
GROTESQUE CEREMONIUM (Tur) – ‘Sanctum Of Demonic Deviance’ LP Gatefold
KHNVM – ‘Portals To Oblivion’ LP Gatefold
MOONBLOOD (Ger) – ‘My evil soul’ LP
MOONBLOOD (Ger) – ‘The black war’ D-LP Gatefold
MOONBLOOD (Ger) – ‘The Winter Falls over the Land + Bonus’ D-LP Gatefold
MOONBLOOD (Ger) – ‘Frozen tears of a Vampire’ LP
MOONBLOOD (Ger) – ‘Once there was darkness’ D-LP Gatefold


Godz Ov War Productions:
CULTUM INTERITUM (Pol) – ‘Sacrum Funeral’ CD
PIG’S BLOOD (USA) – ‘Pig’s Blood’ CD
SACROFUCK (Pol) – ‘Świ​ę​ta Krew’ CD
SOULCARRION (Pol) – ‘Enthrone Death’ CD Digipack
STILLBORN (Pol) – ‘Cultura de la Muerte’ CD
STILLBORN (Pol) – ‘Testimonio de Bautismo’ CD

ANIMA DAMNATA (Pol) – ‘Nefarious Seed Grows…’ LP
ECTOPLASMA (Gr) – ‘Spitting Coffins’ LP
ROTTING KINGDOM (USA) – ‘A Deeper Shade of Sorrow’ LP
STILLBORN (Pol) – ‘Cultura de la Muerte’ LP Gatefold
STILLBORN (Pol) – ‘Testimonio de Bautismo’ LP Gatefold

ROTTING KINGDOM (USA) – ‘A Deeper Shade of Sorrow’ TAPE

Hammerheart Records:
ABRAMELIN (Aus) – ‘Never Enough Snuff’ CD Slipcase
ASPHODELUS (Fin) – ‘Sculpting From Time’ CD Digipack
IMPERISHABLE (Swe) – ‘Come Sweet Death’ CD
MASTER (USA) – ‘The New Elite’ CD Slipcase
MASTER (USA) – ‘The Human Machine’ CD Slipcase
MASTER (USA) – ‘Lets Start a War’ CD Slipcase
MASTER (USA) – ‘Saints Dispelled’ CD Digipack
MEZZROW (Swe) – ‘Then Came The Killing’ 2-CD Slipcase
PHLEBOTOMIZED (Nl) – ‘Devoted To God’ CD Digifile
PHLEBOTOMIZED (Nl) – ‘Clouds of Confusion’ CD Digipack
PHLEBOTOMIZED (Nl) – ‘Deformation of Humanity’ CD Digipack
RESURRECTION (USA) – ‘Embalmed Existence’ 2-CD Slipcase
RUNEMAGICK (Swe) – ‘Beyond The Cenotaph Of Mankind’ CD Digipack
RUNEMAGICK (Swe) – ‘Envenom’ CD Digipack

BLIND ILLUSION (USA) – ‘The Sane Asylum’ LP
HOODED MENACE (Fin) – ‘Gloom Immemorial’ D-LP Gatefold
MEZZROW (Swe) – ‘Then Came The Killing’ LP
MEZZROW (Swe) – ‘Then Came The Demos’ D-LP
RESURRECTION (USA) – ‘Embalmed Existence’ LP
RUNEMAGICK (Swe) – ‘Last Skull of Humanity’ LP
VILE (USA) – ‘Depopulate’ LP

Doomentia Records:
ALTARAGE (Sp) – ‘Worst Case Scenarion’  CD

ALTARAGE (Sp) – ‘Worst Case Scenarion’  D-LP Gatefold
CONVULSE (Fin) – ‘Resuscitation Of Evilness’ 7”EP
DISMA (USA) – ‘The Vault of Membros’ MLP
DISMA (USA) – ‘The Graveless Remains’ 7”EP Gatefold
NIHILIST (Swe) – ‘Live at Björksätragården’ 7”EP
SACRAMENTUM (Swe) – ‘Sedes Impiorum’ 7”EP

Iron Bonehead Productions:
GOATKRAFT (Nor) – ‘Prophet of Eternal Damnation’ CD
HOUSE OF ATREUS (USA) – ‘Orations’ CD Digipack
KAWIR (Gr) – ‘Father Sun, Mother Moon’ CD Digipack
MORTUARY (Mex) – ‘Blackened Images + Demo’ CD
ROPE SECT (Ger) – ‘The Great Flood’ CD
TETRAGRAMMACIDE (Ind) – ‘Typho-Tantric Aphorisms…’ CD Digibook
TETRAGRAMMACIDE (Ind) – ‘Primal Incinerators of Moral Matrix’ CD
TOMB (Mal) – ‘The dark subconscious’ MCD
UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN (Chl) – ‘Häxan Sabaoth’ CD Digipack
UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN (Chl) – ‘Wake Up in the Night of Walpurgis’ CD Digipack
UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN (Chi) – ‘Teufelsbuecher’ CD Digipack
UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN (Chi) – ‘Keziah Lilith Medea’ CD Digipack

BLACK CILICE (Por) – ‘A Corpse, A Temple’ LP
BLACK CILICE (Por) – Transfixion of Spirits LP
BLACK CILICE (Por) – ‘Banished from Time’ LP
BÖLZER – ‘Hero’ LP
GOATKRAFT (Nor) – ‘Prophet of Eternal Damnation’ LP
KAWIR (Gr) – ‘Adrasteia’ LP Gatefold


ABJECT MENTOR (Mex) – ‘Abominaciones’ CD
AMORBITAL (Slk) – Invidia CD
ANGEROT (USA) – ‘The Profound Recreant’ CD
ASHES (Pl) – ‘In the Abyss of Darkness’ CD
CARNAL RUIN (USA) – ‘Soulless I Remain’ CD
CHURCH OF THE DEAD (Fin) – ‘Beyond Death’ CD
CLERIC (USA) – ‘Serpent Psalms’ CD
DEIMLER (Sp) – ‘Immortalized’ CD
DEVASTATION (USA) – ‘Violent Demonstration’ CD
ESCARNIUM (Bra) – ‘Dysthymia’ CD
FLESHER (USA) – ‘Tales of Grotesque Demise’ CD
HATRED (USA) – ‘Daze of Darkness’ CD
MACHINATIONS OF FATE (USA) – ‘Celestial Prophecies’ CD
MASS MURDER SQUAD (Gr) – ‘Blood & Semen’ MCD
MAUL (USA) – ‘Monarchy of Mold’ CD
MUTILATRED (USA) – ‘Determined to Rot’ CD
ONE DAY IN PAIN (Swe) – ‘In Pain We Trust’ CD
OSSUARY (Col) – ‘Stellar Annihilation’ CD
OVERTHROW (UK) – ‘Ascension of the Entombed’ MCD
OXYGEN DESTROYER (USA) – ‘Sinister Monstrosities Spawned…’ CD
PARADOX (Ger) – ‘Product of Imagination’ CD
PARADOX (Ger) – ‘Heresy’ CD
RAIDER (Can) – ‘Trial by Chaos’ CD
REAPING FLESH (It) – ‘Abyss of Existence’ MCD
SENTIENT HORROR (USA) – ‘Morbid Realms’ CD
SPECIES (Pl) – To Find Deliverance CD
THE BLEEDING (UK) – ‘Monokrator’ CD
THRONE (USA) – ‘Pestilent Dawn’ CD
UNDEAD (Sp) – ‘Putrefactio’ CD
VADIAT (USA) – ‘Spear of Creation’ CD
WRETCHED FATE (Swe) – ‘Carnal Heresy’ CD
WRETCHED FATE (Swe) – ‘Fleshletting’ CD
XENOMORPH (USA) – ‘Empyreal Regimes’ CD

KONKHRA (Dk) – ‘Stranded’ TAPE

BLACKTHORN (Mex) – ‘The Rotten Ways Of Human Misery’ LP
CARNAL RUIN (USA) – ‘Soulless I Remain’ LP
ESCARNIUM (Bra) – ‘Dysthymia’ LP
FRIGHTFUL (Pol) – ‘Spectral Creator’ LP
MAUL (USA) – ‘Monarchy of Mold’ LP
OBSCENITY (Ger) – ‘Perversion Mankind’ LP
PANDEMIC OUTBREAK (Pol) – ‘Skulls Beneath the Cross’ LP
TEMPLE OF VOID (USA) – ‘Of Terror and the Supernatural’ D-LP Gatefold