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LATEST ARRIVALS (past couple of weeks), in alphabetical order:

COFFIN ROT (USA) – ‘A Monument to the Dead’ TAPE
CONJURETH (USA) – The Parasitic Chambers TAPE
CONJURETH (USA) – Majestic Dissolve TAPE
DECRYPTAL (Can) – ‘Sabazios Culte’ TAPE
EXECRATION (Nor) – ‘Odes Of The Occult’ TAPE
HYPERDONTIA – ‘Hideous Entity’ TAPE
MALFORMED (Fin) – ‘Uncontrollable Malformity’ TAPE
MISANTHROPY APOTHEOSIS (Gr) – ‘Against Your Filthy Kind’ TAPE
MONSTROSITY (USA) – ‘The Passage of Existence’ TAPE Slipcase
PHOBOPHILIC (USA) – ‘Enveloping Absurdity’ TAPE
PUSTILENCE (Aus) – ‘Beliefs of Dead Stargazers and Soothsayers’ TAPE
PUTRESCENT (USA) – ‘Inhuman Infestation’ TAPE
ROTHEADS (Rom) – ‘Slither in Slime’ TAPE
SORT SIND (Dk) – ‘I Skyggen af Livet’ TAPE
TAPHOS (Dk) – ‘Blood Plethora’ TAPE

1349 (Nor) – ‘The Infernal Pathway’ CD Digipack
BRODER (Dk) – ‘Skarpretterfossilet’ CD
CHARON (Ger) – ‘Sulphur Seraph’ CD Slipcase
CONCRETE WINDS (Fin) – ‘Nerve Butcherer’ CD
CONCRETE WINDS (Fin) – ‘Primitive Force’ CD
CRAFT (Swe) – ‘Fuck the Universe’ CD Digipack
CRAFT (Swe) – ‘Total Soul Rape’ CD Digipack
CREATE A KILL (USA) – ‘Summoned To Rise’ CD
DECORTICATE (Dk) – ‘Conditioned by Violence’ CD
DESTROYER 666 (Aus) – ‘Never Surrender’ CD
ESOTERIC (Uk) – ‘A Pyrrhic Existence’ 2-CD Digibook
ESOTERIC (Uk) – ‘The Maniacal Vale’ 2-CD
EXCORIATE (Ger) – ‘On Pestilent Winds…’ CD Digipak
EXTREME VIOLENCE (Gr) – ‘Unearthing the Abomination’ CD
FUNEREAL PRESENCE (USA) – ‘The Archer Takes Aim’ CD
GAEREA (Por) – ‘Mirage’ CD Digipack
GOSUDAR (Rus) – ‘Morbid Despotic Ritual’ CD
GRAVE MIASMA (UK) – ‘Abyss of Wrathful Deities’ CD
GRAVE MIASMA (UK) – ‘Endless Pilgrimage’ CD Digipack
GRAVE MIASMA (UK) – ‘Exalted Emanation’ MCD Digipack
GUTTED (USA) – ‘Bleed For Us To Live’ CD
HADOPELAGYAL (Ger) – ‘Nereidean Seismic End’ CD Digipack
HOODED MENACE (Fin) – ‘Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed’ CD
MALFORMED (Fin) – ‘The Gathering of Souls’ CD
MALFORMED (Fin) – ‘Uncontrollable Malformity’ CD
MISERY INDEX (USA) – ‘Rituals of Power’ CD
MISÞYRMING (Ice) – ‘Söngvar elds of oreidu’ CD Digipack
MÖRK GRYNING (Swe) – ‘Hinsides Vrede’ CD Digipack
MÖRK GRYNING (Swe) – ‘Maelstorm Chaos’ CD Digipack
MÖRK GRYNING (Swe) – ‘Tusen Ar Har Gatt….’ CD Digipack
NECROS CHRISTOS (Ger) – ‘Triune Impurity Rites’ CD
NIGHTFALL (Gr) – ‘Macabre Sunsets’ CD
NIGHTFALL (Gr) – ‘Parade Into Centuries’ CD
ROTTEN SOUND (Fin) – ‘Apocalypse’ CD Digipack
ROTTING CHRIST (Gr) – ‘Non Serviam’ CD Digipack
ROTTING CHRIST (Gr) – ‘Passage to Arcturo’ CD Digipack
SEVERE TORTURE (Nl) – ‘Fisting the Sockets’ MCD Digipack
SHAPE OF DESPAIR (Fin) – ‘Monotony Fields’ CD
SHAPE OF DESPAIR (Fin) – ‘Return to the Void’ CD Digipack
SINMARA (Ice) – ‘Aphotic Womb’ CD Digipack
SORT SIND (Dk) – ‘I Skyggen af Livet’ CD
SULPHUR AEON (Ger) – ‘Gateway to the Antisphere’ CD Digipack
SULPHUR AEON (Ger) – ‘Seven Crowns and Seven Seals’ CD Digipack
SULPHUR AEON (Ger) – ‘Swallowed By The Ocean’s Tide’ CD Digipack
SULPHUR AEON (Ger) – ‘The Scythe Of Cosmic Chaos’ CD Digipack
TAPHOS (Dk) – ‘Come Chaos, Come Havoc…’ CD
THE PSALM (Gr) – ‘I + bonus’ MCD
THE RUINS OF BEVERAST (Ger) – ‘Exuvia’ CD Digipack
THE RUINS OF BEVERAST (Ger) – ‘The Thule Grimoires’ CD Digipack
VENENUM (Ger) – ‘s/t’ CD Digipack
VORUM (Fin) – ‘Current Mouth’ CD Digipak
WOLVENNEST – The Dark Path To The Light CD Digipack

ALTARAGE (Sp) – ‘Succumb’ D-LP Gatefold Gold/orange marble vinyl
BLACK CURSE (USA) – ‘Endless Wound’ LP
CONCRETE WINDS (Fin) – ‘Nerve Butcherer’ LP
CONCRETE WINDS (Fin) – ‘Primitive Force’ LP
CONJURETH (USA) – Majestic Dissolve LP
CRAFT (Swe) – ‘Fuck the Universe’ D-LP Gatefold Marble vinyl
CRAFT (Swe) – ‘Terror, Propaganda…’ LP
CRAFT (Swe) – ‘Total Soul Rape’ LP
CRAFT (Swe) – ‘White Noise and Black Metal’ LP
CRYPTIC BROOD – ‘Caustic Fetid Vomit’ 7”EP
DESTROYER 666 (Aus) – ‘Never Surrender’ LP Silver vinyl
DRUDKH (Ukr) – ‘Enstrangement’ LP
DRUDKH (Ukr) – ‘Microcosmos’ LP White vinyl
DRUDKH (Ukr) – ‘The Swan Road’ LP Silver vinyl
ESOTERIC (Uk) – ‘A Pyrrhic Existence’ 3-LP Gatefold
EXCORIATE (Ger) – ‘On Pestilent Winds…’ LP
FALLEN ANGEL (Dk) – ‘demo’ LP
FUNEREAL PRESENCE (USA) – ‘The Archer Takes Aim’ LP
GRAVE MIASMA (UK) – ‘Abyss of Wrathful Deities’ D-LP Gatefold
HOODED MENACE (Fin) – ‘Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed’ LP Gatefold
HOODED MENACE (Fin) – ‘The Tritonus Bell’ LP Gatefold
HORRENDOUS (USA) – ‘Idol’ LP Gatefold
INIQUITY (Dk) – ‘Entering deception / Promo 93’ LP
INQUISITION – ‘Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar…’ D-LP Gatefold
INQUISITION (Col) – ‘Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer’ D-LP Gatefold
MANII – Innerst I Moerket LP
MAYHEM (Nor) – ‘Chimera’ LP Gatefold
MAYHEM (Nor) – ‘Ordo Ad Chao’ LP Gatefold
NECROS CHRISTOS (Ger) – ‘Doom of the Occult’ D-LP Gatefold
NIGHTBRINGER (USA) – ‘Ego Dominus Tuus’ D-LP Gatefold
NIGHTBRINGER (USA) – ‘Hierophany of the Open Grave’ D-LP Gatefold
ROTTING CHRIST (Gr) – ‘Non Serviam’ LP
ROTTING CHRIST (Gr) – ‘Passage to Arcturo’ LP Silver/black marble
SAINT VITUS (USA) – ‘Saint Vitus’ LP Gatefold Clear vinyl
SIJJIN (Ger) – ‘Sumerian Promises’ LP
SORT SIND (Dk) – ‘I Skyggen af Livet’ LP Black vinyl
SORT SIND (Dk) – ‘I Skyggen af Livet’ LP Gold marble vinyl
STORMKEEP (USA) – ‘Galdrum’ LP
SULPHUR AEON (Ger) – ‘Seven Crowns and Seven Seals’ LP Gatefold Red/black vinyl
SULPHUR AEON (Ger) – ‘The Scythe Of Cosmic Chaos’ D-LP Gatefold
USIPIAN (Dk) – ‘Dead Corner Of The Eye’ LP
VENENUM (Ger) – ‘s/t’ LP
WATAIN (Swe) – ‘Casus Luciferi’ D-LP Gatefold
WATAIN (Swe) – ‘Lawless Darkness’ D-LP Gatefold
WATAIN (Swe) – ‘Rabid Death’s Curse’ D-LP Gatefold Dark green vinyl
WOLVENNEST – The Dark Path To The Light LP Gatefold Smoke vinyl